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Discover how a simple yet groundbreaking new paradigm of psychology helps leaders live with a high performance and ultra-clear mental state.
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For companies and individuals interested in transformation.

Workshop Facilitation

Specially designed 150 minute interactive workshops that arm employees with the knowledge to perform at their best - despite the heavy demands of the 21st-century corporate eco-system.

Workshop Facilitation

Chief topics are stress reduction and high performance with the united goal of helping company employees excel.

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Corporate Training

My corporate training helps leaders, teams and individuals understand the surprising link between state of mind, results and high performance. It can be thought of as 'an antidote to volatility' in a volatile world.

Corporate Training

Training is always tailored specifically to your company or team's needs and can last from 1 week to 6 months at a time.

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1:1 Coaching

Regardless of your job title - I work with committed individuals who are ready to excel in a calm and confident manner. I facilitate a space for insight – allowing my clients to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Private 1:1

Past clients include entrepreneurs & solopreneurs and ambitious government, finance, technology & education professionals.

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I help you achieve more with less on
your mind.

I’m Thomas Leamy and you are very welcome to my new website. Here you can find out more about the services I offer individuals, teams and businesses to help them perform at their brilliant best.

As a Business Psychology Consultant my specialities include:

  • STRESS MANAGEMENT: Facilitating workshops, training and personalized coaching that help individuals completely transform their relationship with STRESS – America’s number one productivity killer. My approach differs from conventional stress management methods as it tackles the root cause of stress.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Leading tailored workshops, coaching and corporate trainings for SMEs and their leadership. The primary goal being to help partners see the true drivers of sustainable performance, resulting in lasting impact. 

To explore what might be possible for you or your company from working together, it would be my pleasure to hear from you by clicking here.

You may also like to check out the ‘About me’ or ‘Work With Me’ sections for more information. 

Thanks for being here.

Thomas Leamy

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"It Was Very Impactful"
"The way you presented the training was very impressive. So clear - and I loved the active learning style in groups. It was interesting and you made something complex feel extremely easy to understand. Congratulations on the delivery. The team and I believe it was very impactful."
Tasos M.
Team Lead (Legal Firm)
"A Pleasure to Participate"
"It was a pleasure to participate in 'High Performance Skills for Pharmaceutical Professionals' and I would like to congratulate you Thomas, and Dr. Brown for the skilled coordination and presentation. It has provided plenty of food for thought."
Marilyn N.
Senior Executive (Pharma)
"Perfectly Organized"
"It was a very well structured training with engaging information. You managed to provide us with so much knowledge within the 2 hours. More importantly, the implementation session was very powerful. I think everything was perfectly organized and we look forward to working together in the future."
Rodha G.
Managing Director (Tech)
"An Excellent Session "
"This has been an excellent session Thomas. I think more managers and leaders need to learn the value of this information. 'Executive Nowness' and the ideas around it can improve many aspects of their work and life. I appreciate the value of being present as a leader much more now. 5 stars."
Maeve A.
Executive Director (Education)

Access my bespoke course

A Fond Farewell to Stress

A mind in a stressful state is like a flat tire - unable to perform at its best. A Fond Farewell to Stress offers an antidote to stress. Not in the traditional sense of ‘Stress Management’ - but by fundamentally shifting your relationship with stress and mental tension. It will probably be unlike any course you have completed before.


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