Nice to meet you.

As a strategic advisor, consultant and trainer my goal is to help you and your colleagues experience the highest possible level of mental wellbeing. The workshops, training, and coaching that I deliver are all in service of this goal. They help dramatically lower stress levels and increase performance, happiness and overall job satisfaction.

By working with a groundbreaking new paradigm of psychology – my collaborators and I can show you how a high performance, low stress, and ultra-clear mind is always within reach. In fact, you will discover that it is our natural state of mind! 

  • BA (HONS) Political Science & Public Administration (University of Limerick)
  • MSc in Organizational and Business Psychology (Ongoing, Part-time, University of Wolverhampton)
  • Insight Principles in Business Training Course (Insight Principles Institute, Inc.)
  • Certified i4 Neuroleadership Coach & Trainer (About my Brain Institute, ICF credentialed) 
  • Impacting Leaders | Executive Coaching Certificate (Evercoach by Mindvalley)
  • Harvard Health Publishing)
  • Train the Trainer Bootcamp (TJ Walker)
  • One Thought Online Course (Dr. Aaron Turner)
  • (Dr. Eric Frazer)
  • Developmental & Cognitive Psychology Segment (Northumbria University)

Originally from Ireland, I met my lovely American wife in Malaysia, and we now live between Oman and Ireland with our little Chihuahua named Ziggy! In my spare time, you’ll find me immersed in the natural world. Be that in the garden, sea swimming, hiking the Muscat hills, or exploring wilderness. Nature and wildlife are deep passions.

You will also find me working with my own coach and learning all I can about the human mind and the future of psychology. In that regard, I’m grateful to be able to learn from the best of the best. Leaders from my field that have had a huge impact on me and my work include Dr. Dicken Bettinger, Dr. George Pransky, Dr. Aaron Turner, Robin Charbit, Dr. Ken Manning, Dr. Amy Johnson, Ankush Jain, Marina Galan, Michael Neill, Jamie Smart and many other thought leaders.

Otherwise, I am usually spending quality time with my wife, following up with various entrepreneurial endeavors, absorbing sporting highlights, exploring the world, socializing with old and new friends and immersing myself in the music of greats like The Clancy Brothers, The Traveling Wilburys and The E-Street Band.

  • 3 YEARS IN AFRICA: I read once that ‘If there’s magic on this planet, it’s in Africa’ and I believe it. 14 African countries later with rusty conversational proficiency in Luganda, I’ve spent almost 3 years of my adult in Africa. Getting hijacked in Kenya, stalked by a leopard in Namibia (I think) or almost getting trampled by elephants in Botswana only seem to encourage me!
  • 3 YEARS IN THE MIDDLE EAST: After graduation in 2010, I taught in The Sultanate of Oman for 2 years. Oman is sometimes called the sleeping giant of the middle east for its peace-loving people and culture. It’s a stunning country and the country’s tourism tagline is “Beauty has an address”. The 3rd year in the Middle East was spent consulting in The Kingdoms of Jordan and Bahrain and traveling throughout the region. 
  • THE AZORES: When we booked our flights to The Azores, we barely knew anything about the nine islands. We just followed the feeling. That was November 2021 and we ended up living there as Portuguese residents for more than a year and built a beautiful network of good people.

What I know to be true:

  • We experience our psychology, not our circumstances.
  • A quiet mind is the human default setting.
  • High-level leaders aren’t immune to doubts and insecurities.
  • Everyone is good at heart.
  • All stress has the same root cause.
  • The best companies look after their people.
  • One insight can change the whole game.
  • There is nothing quite like Greek food or Irish air.
  • People make places special.
  • Everyone is just doing the best they can in the moment.
  • The ego is a thought constructed illusion.
  • We live in a mind-made reality – from the inside out.
  • Most personal development books are well meaning but unhelpful.
  • Children and nature are great teachers.

Prior to entering the people transformation field, I worked full time in an FDI related industry for almost a decade. Starting as a trainee and ending up as a Senior Country Director leading high performance teams, much of my job involved face-to-face meetings with presidents, prime ministers, government officials and high-level CEOs in 15 countries. This cumulative experience delivering high-level service to heads-of-state and collaborating with c-suite executives, helped hone a specialized skillset and a culturally aware mindset. It also ignited my interest in the psychology of leadership and human potential.

Since 2018, it has been a pleasure to also help professionals across all industries to experience deep transformation for higher performance, lower stress and better results. As a practitioner grounded in a breakthrough new paradigm of psychology, I continue to hone my craft and help business leaders and employees achieve their goals, with clearer minds than they ever thought possible.

Helping professionals at all levels completely transform their relationship with stress is also a great passion of mine. If you feel you or your colleagues could benefit from a specialized workshop, coaching or tailored training – feel free to reach out via the contact page here. It will be my pleasure to serve you and your people as best I can.