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Thomas Leamy | One Word Podcast

Podcast Overview: One Word is a podcast hosted by Thomas Leamy. In each episode, Thomas is joined by an invited guest to discuss one word, topic or concept from an entirely fresh perspective. Launching only a few months ago, One Word enjoys a loyal listener base and is fast becoming a top podcast in its class with over ten thousand unique downloads.

Example Episodes:

  • Episode: Wellbeing with Dr. Aaron Turner 
  • Episode: Change with Dr. Amy Johnson  
  • Episode: Productivity with Robin Charbit 
  • Episode: Ease with Barbara Patterson
  • Episode: Resilience with Dr. Giles P. Croft
  • Episode: Clarity with Jamie Smart
  • Episode: Wisdom with Dr. Dicken Bettinger
  • Episode: Trust with Lorna Davis
  • Episode: Flow with Matt Roberts
  • Episode: Alignment with Rob Cook
  • Episode: Performance with Dr. Johannes Metzler