High Performance Training

The corporate training that I offer helps professionals of all levels understand the surprising link between state of mind, high performance and results. It can be thought of as ‘an antidote to volatility’ in a volatile world. Training is always tailored specifically to your organization or team’s needs and can last from 1 to 6 months at a time. To find out more, feel free to get in touch via the contact page and I will be glad to respond within 12 working hours.

The Problem
Sustaining performance levels during uncertain, volatile periods is a key challenge for everyone - regardless of job title. Further, when individual performance levels suffer, a nosedive in quality output and results follow in tandem. The economic and social dislocation caused by the pandemic has given new meaning to the term 'performance under pressure'.
The Solution
Business psychology training can be described as 'an antidote to volatility' as it ignites resilience and agility while bolstering collaboration and performance among team members. I am delighted to be able to offer such business psychology based corporate training services for leaders, teams and entire businesses. Despite the heavy demands of the 21st-century corporate eco-system, there are powerful solutions available. My trainings are designed to help participants not just cope amid volatility - but to thrive through it.
Better Results
Post delivery, participant feedback indicates significant and incremental benefits. These include large increases in clarity, job satisfaction and collaboration as well as the ability to maintain high performance levels for longer. Furthermore, and in line with my key focus of corporate stress reduction, participants have reported feeling up to 90% less stressed as a direct result of the insights they had during our time together in training. Interested in discussing training for your team or company? Let me know via the contact page and we can have a chat.
"Each of us have a built in design for success.
When we discover that for ourselves, the whole game changes!"
Thomas Leamy
Business Psychology Practitioner

Business Psychology Corporate Training

Low stress + high performance = better results

$3,900 - 7,900/month
Highly Customizable:
The Business psychology corporate training on offer to you - future proofs companies. Forged from global research and developed to maximize impact and ignite the meta-competencies of 21st century, this type of training is dynamic. It offers a tactical approach to heighten team synergy, boost collaboration, connection, individual performance as well as group output. Over the course of our time together, participants will learn an innovative yet subtractive approach to high performance while absorbing the full benefit of a more present state-of-mind professionally. We will also collaboratively discover what is standing in the way of quality results, spotlight these roadblocks, and clear them on the spot. Business Psychology training can be immensely valuable in times of challenge, change, or preceding significant expansion.
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"Low stress and high performance go together like peas and carrots!"
Thomas Leamy
Business Psychology Practitioner