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Specially designed interactive workshops that arm employees with a deeper sense of how they can perform at their best – in spite of the heavy demands of the 21st-century corporate ecosystem. Each business psychology workshop is outcome focused, interactive and experiential to maximize impact. Workshop feedback is overwhelmingly positive (94% highly recommend, 98% facilitator rating, 96% workshop rating *UCD Michael Smurfit Business School) which actively provides a fresh space for insight to occur. In 2022, A Fond Farewell to Stress is the flagship workshop on offer – designed to completely transform employees’ relationship with stress – resulting in a higher performance and more satisfying working experience.

A Fond Farewell to Stress (The Workshop)

  • Work related stress is estimated to cost US industry more than $300 billion in losses due to absenteeism, diminished productivity, and accidents according to the American Psychological Association. This interactive and engaging workshop helps professionals and teams of all levels completely transform their relationships with stress – reversing this trend. A Fond Farewell to Stress – the workshop – is guided by a groundbreaking new paradigm of psychology that has proven remarkable in helping business leaders tackle the root cause of stress. This specialist workshop helps employees become more effective and collaborative professionals – resulting in much less stress, higher performance, and better results. 


A mind in a stressful state is like a flat tire – unable to perform at its best. Sadly, we are the most stressed society that has ever lived. While healthy in short bursts, long-term stress is detrimental to our health and performance. If left to its own vices, stress can lead to overwhelm which in turn can lead to burnout. That’s where I come in. As a Business Psychology Practitioner, I offer an antidote to stress. Not in the traditional sense of ‘Stress Management’ – but by fundamentally shifting employees’ relationships with stress and mental tension. 

My approach:

  • Works with a groundbreaking new paradigm of psychology that has helped thousands of people tap into their natural clarity.
  • Helps employees perform at a very high level, without the shackles of stress to weigh them down.
  • Does not require techniques that need to be remembered and activated in times of stress. 

It works by fundamentally shifting your understanding of how stress is created, maintained, and released. It is built on a simple premise. 

  • When you understand the rules of the game – you can play the game a lot better.

Based on simple psychological principles that pull back the curtain on how the mind works, when workshop participant’s begin to insightfully understand this information for themselves, many positive changes are noticeable. 

Workshop Benefits:

  1. Employees’ relationship with stress will be completely transformed.
  2. Higher levels of clarity & mental performance will be experienced.
  3. Participants will experience a calmer, quieter mind, much more of the time.
  4. An expansion of emotional intelligence and self-awareness can occur.
  5. Greater levels of focus, flow, and productivity are engaged.
  6. A high-performing, agile mindset will be more commonplace.
  7. Levels of mental resilience can dramatically increase. 
  8. Bonus Benefit: Each participant will have their own additional benefit!
Did you know that the average professional loses five working hours due to stress each week?
What's the cost of stress for your business?
*American Psychological Association (APA)

A Fond Farewell to Stress

Low stress + high performance = better results

$2499 - 4499/Workshop
Your workshop investment includes:
Tailored workshop planning and design, a pre-workshop preparatory session with all participants, follow-up support as needed, a 4-week outcome assessment, the provision of all required materials and resources, a copy of A Fond Farewell to Stress - the parter digital download and discounted access to A Fond Farewell to Stress - the video based online course for all participants.
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"A mind free from stress - is a high performing mind"
Thomas Leamy
Business Psychology Practitioner